Who are we?

Conocim Edutech was founded by a group of experienced professionals and educational enthusiasts, who are bent on an even playing field for graduates all over the nation. Seasoned individuals who are working for advanced companies in Australia, USA and Germany have come together to share the technical knowledge and industrial experience with the students in India. We provide the students an adaptive learning and training platform that tracks the changes in technology. Our philosphy is to provide the students with an immersive and hands on experience towards a particular technology which levels upto international standards


Why we exist?

These are extraordinary times in which technology has grown exponentially, without any warning. For instance, there are approximately six new programming languages released every year for various platforms and have wide range of applications. Companies who invent these languages constantly optimize them and add new features. To be in constant sync with these changes is arduous and even long-serving professionals fall short. On the contrary, educational systems typically update their curriculum approximately every four years. It is quite evident that the syllabus always falls behind to the current technological advancements.Also, companies tend to search for people who are in sync with the recent changes. Here lies the incumbent problem, how can a technologically lagging educational system support the rapidly growing industry   An average graduate will have a skill set which is limited to a basic theoretical level understanding of a certain technological trait. For a fresh graduate the job interview questions will always be asked from a higher technological stand point. In this era for survival, companies hire people according to their requirements and not on basis of the candidate’s knowledge level. The educational system itself is not able to provide any exposure to the current progression in technology and the students end up frustrated  at the end of their graduation. Simply put, the pile of industry expectation is bigger than then the pile of education.


 What we do?

The courses we offer are constructed to emulate a actual project development life cycle in the actual industry. We integrate the development processes in our training that are standardized in various companies. Our courses adhere to international standards of project management. Our courses demand the candidates to develop application projects using state-of-the-art tools. We guide each and every candidate to achieve  the desired goal of the project and provide constant feedback through reviews and discussions. We encourage the use of supporting tools that assist in continuous development and employ industry-standard testing techniques. Courses and projects are designed to take students from the bare basics to in-depth aspects of a technology through practical approach.
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