Database And Business Intelligence Track

Why take this course?

Data is the backbone of every software. It has always been a need to manage and organize data and to make it available whenever required. Since the start of software development various ways to use data have been created and experimented with.Recently, data is being used for more than just storage and retrival purposes. Today data is analyzed and questions like“What trends does this data tell?”, “How is the market performance of the software?”, “What predictions about the future can be done with the current data?” are being asked. Data jobs are the highest paid, most in-demand and most exciting jobs today.Our custom designed Data Path will help you learn from the basics of Database to the highly in-demand Business Intelligence.

Take Away –

You will..
– learn the basics of Relational Databases
– learn Business Intelligence
– learn industry used software and methods
– learn about industry application of data

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