Javascript Angular Node Track

Why take this course?

The Web Application Development is a rapidly growing market. Developers wanted to make web apps more efficient, fast and responsive so that they can replace desktop applications. Frameworks like Angular, React and Vue were developed for this purpose. Since Javascript is the language used for communication in the browser, these frameworks were built on Javascript. Framework like NodeJS was developed to make javascript run as a backend language and interact with database. A new language called TypeScript was developed which is an Object Oriented Version of Javascript.As a result there is a continuous rise in the demand for Full Stack Javascript developers. Our custom designed Full Stack Developer course will introduce you to the highly in demand MEAN stack and prepare you for a career in the Javascript Web Development.

Take Aways –

You will..
– learn the basics of web design (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript)
– learn about Web Services and Web Technologies
– learn Angular 7 (Front End Web Application Development Framework)
– learn MongoDB (NoSQL Database) and Firebase (Real-Time Database)
– learn Express (Server Framework for NodeJS)
– learn NodeJS (Server side Javascript Web Development Framework)

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