PHP Laravel Track

Why take this course?

PHP is the default server side language for web applications. Since its creation in 1994, over 244 million websites use PHP. Since then PHP has evolved from a scripting language to having many frameworks like Symphony, Laravel, Drupal, etc. Today Laravel is used to design complete web applications using web services and backend services and uses the Model View Controller architectural pattern which is the standard industry pattern to creat web applications. Laravel has become the most used and most popular PHP framework today because of its rapid development capabilites and because its completely open source. It has a wide network of followers and is constantly updated with the newest functionality.
This is Laravel’s usage graph against two other PHP frameworks Drupal and CakePHP. Since its creation, its popularity is
growing and so is its job market. Today there are more job opportunities in Laravel than any other PHP framework. This
makes it the perfect choice for getting a job. Our custom created PHP-Laravel path will help you learn from the basics of web-development to basics of PHP to the Laravel Framework.

The current market trend of Laravel Framework in comparison to other Frameworks shows the rising demand of Laravel in the Job market.

Take Aways –

You will..
– learn HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap
– learn basics of web development and web services
– learn PHP
– learn Larave

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