Testing Track

Why take this course?

Software Testing determines the Quality of a software. It tells if a software gives accurate output or a software
does not crash or is a software secure from threats. In todays date when there is an alternative for almost every
software product, it is software testing that makes a software successful and better than others. As a result the
job market for software testing is and will continue to grow as newer testing methods are developed for new softwares. There already exist many methods like Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Sanity Testing, Smoke Testing, Regression Testing and much more. Our customized software testing path will give you the right skills from basics to advanced and prepare you for a rewarding career in the software testing field.

Take Away-

You will..
– learn the basics of software testing
– learn about various methodologies used for testing software
– learn about the various scenarios in which to apply those methodologies
– learn about Selenium (industry leading software testing tool)
– learn manual and automation testing

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